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This body of work is an intuitive exploration of colour relationships and organic shapes. It sits somewhere between familiarity and invention, by taking loose inspiration from natural forms within everyday life. In particular, these gravitate toward the human body and plant matter: a climbing vine; a resting chin; skeletal frames and leaves reaching for the sun… This imagery plays with the idea that biological forms can mimic one another,  perhaps be mistaken for something else, or make you look twice.


These references are only suggested however, as tangible form meets shrouded and obscured colour. Schofield uses a pared-down palette, aiming to expose different interactions of colour through thin veils, gradients against monochromes, and scumbled paint. These create different tensions and harmonies, and perhaps the impression of something synthetic or illusory, like the sudden brightness of a screen, or a glowing flower at dusk. 

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